Get Involved!

We need you! Why Dance Matters is a community collaboration and you help to shape the message we send to the world.

More than just tweeting a hashtag or pinning a link, I’d like Why Dance Matters to be one gigantic, colorful, dazzling tapestry of testimonial pointing to our WHY.

Our social media events are great for drawing a flurry of attention to what’s amazing about dance in a short burst of time.

We need help from people who are organized, good at managing and plotting out projects, or who have other skills they’d like to add to the stew. I’m also looking for those who are willing to donate their time doing what they do best.

As we merrily roll along, we want to continue to put a lot of heart in this project and we’d love for you to put your heart into Why Dance Matters, too.

If you’re down, drop us a line.



Owner/Editor of

Founder of Why Dance Matters


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