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Why Dance Matters To Kids

Why Dance Matters 2012 kicks off today!

Last year (thanks to Lauren Warnecke of Art Intercepts) some children at the Menomonee Club in Chicago shared why dance matters to them.

Below is a slideshow of their responses. Feel free to grab the pdf version.

Some of my favorites are below:

Why Dance Matters: Expression and Self-EsteemWhy Dance Matters: Hard work turns into joyWhy Dance Matters: I forget about my worries

If you’d like to have students at your school or your children prepare something similar, we welcome your submissions.

Click on the image below to download the Dance Matters Because worksheet.

Download the Dance Matters Because worksheet

In addition to putting their affirmations into words, drawings are encouraged, as are videos, slideshows, presentations, dances and other creations!

Simply contact Nichelle at (WDM’s initiator) to send links or files that tell us Why Dance Matters to kids!


Graphically Inclined? Help Us Draw Attention To The 2012 Initiative

We’re looking for a graphic that is simple but effective to represent Why Dance Matters for 2012. This will appear on the website, as well as all WDM posts and communications.

The button (or badge) should fit within our color theme of black, white, grey, and orange (specifically #FF330 or 255.51.0).

The button should be square.

The button should be high quality so that it looks good large or small.

The button should have two versions of essentially the same image: one that says just “Why Dance Matters”, and another that says, “Ask Me Why Dance Matters.”

The button does NOT need to feature a dancer or depiction of dance but it can. Just make certain that you have permission to use any copyrighted images, or that non-copyrighted images are free for use in a commercial setting.

If you’d like to submit something, please send to nichelle -AT- by July 16.

Submit your badge for Why Dance Matters


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